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The needs are great near the village of New Hope
Give Cool-running Water for New Hope Jamaica

I have seen people in need before but not as desperate as this. I am Bradford Hearn, director of The Way Missionary Outreach. In all the 20 years of social service experience,  I was overwhelmed with the magnitude of the needs in a village called New Hope. The village has no running water. Villagers must depend on rain water alone for potable water. Miles away is a tiny stream. Villagers must walk and haul their water home when the rains fail. Often.
This project will build a water solution that will last a lifetime. A well, storage and pipes, will be a god-send to these thirsty hard working people of New Hope, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica.


US $4,000


US $5,500


US $1,500


US $11,000

No School

You can be part of the solution; bring new hope to New Hope, Jamaica and their neighbors. Don't leave the village dry, let them know you care by giving the best support you can.
Donations to Project Cool-running Water for New Hope are tax deductible. The Way Missionary Outreach is a U.S. based Non-Profit, 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to eliminating sickness and illiteracy in rural Trelawny Parish, Jamaica - IRS FEDERAL # 45-3010887. Extra funds will be used to install running water to neighboring villages.
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