The Way Missionary Outreach Code of Ethics

While The Way Missionary Outreach is not a regulatory enforcement agency, it desires that its members conduct their affairs in manners that honors God, are safe, and lawful. In that regard, WMO asks its members to abide by the standards below.

  • We agree to treat every individual who comes to us for assistance with the utmost dignity and respect.
  • We agree to exercise the highest level of integrity in all of our fund-raising and financial management practices.
  • We agree to adhere to principles of organizational and board governance that will promote realistic accountability to those in authority.
  • We agree to create and maintain a clean, safe, and courteous environment for clients and staff.
  • We agree to adhere to all local, state/provincial, and federal codes and laws that apply to our organization as long as they are not in opposition to the Word of God.
  • We agree to show respect toward (and collaborate with when appropriate) other organizations in our area that seek to assist the hungry, homeless, abused, and addicted.
  • We agree to follow scriptural guidelines when resolving conflicts.


With God’s strong love, provide hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless, and healing to the infirm.


Teach and preach God’s good Word; reach and relieve the poor and oppressed; care and comfort the ill and ignored.


Teach the Word of God, focusing on important Bible truths concerning godly relationships, integrity, and generosity.

Provide place and provision for the poor to receive hot food, clean clothes, warm showers and biblical guidance.

Offer free literacy and basic computer classes to the needy.

Deliver free ambulatory care, both medical and dental, to walk in patients.

Empower the poor to sustain both animal husbandry and subsistence farming.

Provide free pastoral care and counseling to all.

Supply free child care and development services to the needy.

Give student interns and volunteers the ways and means to practice their faith and their craft